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 Storey Ellis is an accomplished North Carolina based artist and interior designer who specializes in fine art and residential interior design.  She has been creating individualized commissioned art pieces since 1999 and has worked for and partnered with designers, developers, and clients all over the world.  Storey is specifically focused on working with the trade and developing customized unique artwork for both commercial and residential spaces.  Her work has been commissioned by a diverse and discerning clientele that has included CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, race car drivers, doctors, and accomplished prominent business owners around the globe. 

Storey works with designers from specification to completion and each piece is uniquely created and designed to “fit spaces.”  Her trade partners provide and assign Storey with the complete project specifications and she delivers all the art work for the entire project.  This is one of Storey’s unique characteristics as an artist that evolved from her early career experiences working with interior designers to create specialty wall finishes and mural art for their clients.  She is not specific to her medium or her style but rather to the space that she is assigned to work with.  Storey’s competencies and diverse work experiences are exampled by her unique ability to create and deliver abstract paintings in one space and portraits in another, and delivers art ranging from oils to charcoal sketches.

Storey’s work has and always will focus on designing and creating pieces to fit spaces and not in identifying spaces to fit pieces.  She has successfully partnered with fellow designers to create, develop and deliver unique art provided exclusively and collaboratively designed to fit and compliment their own signature collections.

Storey’s unique education and artistic talent has provided her with uncommon and valuable skills that she incorporates and applies to her business.  Her entrepreneurial spirit, industrious mind and creative artistic abilities converged early in her adolescence when she decided to not only educate herself in business but to educate herself in art and design as well.  She attended the College of Business and Economics at Radford University.  Then was educated at New York City’s Isabel O’Neil Studio, the country’s foremost decorative painting and faux finishing school.  She then attended the Art Institute of Charlotte to further her education and to incorporate interior, graphic and residential design into her already thriving and established art business. 

Storey’s artwork has appeared in worldwide publications and featured in Island Life Magazine, Better Homes and Gardens and Interior Living Trends.  Her experience, reputation, and abilities have been well documented by the clients and trade partners she has worked with over the past two decades.


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